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$30 000 000 +
TVL of assets
50 +
Token Pairs
15 +
Farming pools
$155 000 +
Volume, 24H
Highest APR

Swaps without limits

The fastest blockchain. Lots of assets. Negligible gas fees.
Plug your wallet in and you are ready to go

Incredible earning opportunities

Earn up to in passive income by farming.
Even when you're sleeping, the farming won't stop.

Privacy and reliability

No registration
and KYC

Your privacy does matter. Start using the service right away

No frontruns

Everscale design makes frontruns impossible: there are no miners that could collude, and the network has the fastest block finality

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Tested and trusted

Open source

Look behind the scenes at how the DEX works


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Learn how to use the DEX and integrate with FlatQube

The beating Qubic heart

The QUBE is a utility token designed to power the FlatQube protocol

Stake QUBE to boost your farming returns

Depending on staked token amount, holders will be able to increase their farming APY

Get the most out of yield farming

Participate in various yield farming programmes with QUBE trading pairs to receive even more QUBE tokens

Participate in FlatQube votes

Vote on different vital decisions within the FlatQube ecosystem or create your own own voting proposals

Stake QUBE to earn rewards

Stake QUBE tokens and get passively rewarded with more QUBE tokens

QUBE distribution

Initial distribution 2 000 000
900 000 45%
230 000 11.5%
200 000 10%
Private sale
100 000 5%
70 000 3.5%
500 000 25%
DAO monthly emission

QUBE total supply by month

100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
Total supply, %
1 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54

Lots of cool features to come

Q2 2022

  • QUBE token distribution and vesting mechanics
  • White-listing tokens using QUBE
  • Custom token lists
  • Stablecoin pools
  • Custom pool fees

Q3 2022

  • QUBE staking: veQUBE launch
  • DAO launch
  • Admin fee for liquidity pools

Q4 2022

  • Gauge launch
  • QUBE emission update
  • White-listing tokens to Gauge using veQUBE
  • Yield farming boost for veQUBE holders
  • Farming boost for locking liquidity

Scale with the ecosystem

Use liquidity from other blockchains

The DAO-controlled facilitates fast transactions from connected blockchains to FlatQube

Tranfer tokens

Manage all tokens single-handedly

The Award-winning EVER Wallet allows you to store and manage all your FlatQube tokens in one place

Install EVER Wallet

Explore FlatQube operations

Visit to find details on all transactions you have made and LP tokens created on FlatQube


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